Short Term Investments

Short Term Investments

Repurchase Agreements (Repos) are principal protected short term investments secured by debt instruments such as government or corporate bonds. Under a Repo, client's funds are invested at an agreed upon rate for a fixed period of time with a specified maturity date and backed by a specific security. At maturity, full payment of the initial investment plus the return becomes due as per the Repo contract.

This product is suited to the investor who is seeking a safe, short-term investment with an attractive return.

Features of KSBM Repurchase Agreements

  • Backed by high quality securities
  • Denominated in TT$ (subject to availability) and US$
  • Offered in a range of tenors up to 1 year
  • Most competitive rates in the market based on the underlying security and the tenor of the Repo
  • All clients receive same day value for new investments

Getting Started

  • Complete a KSBM investment application form
  • Provide two valid forms of national photo ID per signatory
  • Provide proof of address and proof of income for individuals
  • Corporate clients are required to provide additional information as per KSBM’s Corporate Client Checklist
  • Minimum investment is TT$100,000.00 or US$ equivalent and can be made via wire transfers or cheques
  • Complete a Source of Funds Declaration form as per KSBM’s Anti-Money Laundering Policy in accordance with Central Bank of Trinidad & Tobago guidelines


Before investing all investors are required to be aware of the following with respect to Repos:

  • Repos are not deposits and funds invested via repos are not covered by the Deposit Insurance Corporation
  • Investing in a repo entails risks, such as the risk that the company would be unable to fulfil its obligation at maturity and the investor may be unable to recover his or her entire investment from the sale of the underlying security
  • Repos are documented via a master repurchase agreement that details the terms of the transaction as well as the rights and obligations of the investor and the company. This includes the investor’s right to receive a confirmation of the transaction and to take possession of the security in the event of a default by the company. The company is obligated to apply the appropriate margin and to mark-to-market repos in accordance with Guidelines issued by the Trinidad and Tobago Securities and Exchange Commission. The company has the right to substitute the underlying security with an equivalent security of equal or greater value and to receipt of the coupons paid on the underlying security