Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management

KSBM’s Portfolio Management Services provides investment management for individuals, companies or institutions with funds to invest over a medium to long term investment horizon.

KSBM manages the client’s funds in portfolios with an appropriate mix of investments tailored to achieve stated investment objectives based on an investment policy statement as agreed with the client. We work with each client to create an investment policy statement that is appropriate to the specific client’ investment needs and that reflects the individual, company or in the case of institutions the underlying investors’, tolerance for risk.

The strategies we recommend and execute combine our knowledge of the financial markets with our experience in managing funds. For institutional clients we understand the importance of working in the best interest of your fund given your responsibility to underlying investors and thus follow best practice in the asset management process.


  • Customised portfolios
  • Experienced portfolio managers with a proven track record of generating above market returns
  • Proven method for selecting best-of-breed fund managers globally for superior returns
  • Active investment management process
  • Separately managed global equity portfolio that focuses exclusively on international equity for those seeking exposure only to this asset class
  • Custodial services that ensure safekeeping of assets, best execution of trades as well as accurate and timely reporting
  • Regular portfolio performance reports

Typical Clients

  • Individuals who have reached retirement and
    received lump sums that have to be managed to
    generate a level of income over their lifetime
  • Individuals who have saved a sufficient sum and
    would like to have this managed for future needs
    such as to provide an income during retirement or to
    fund a major expenditure
  • Families who want to ensure their financial assets
    are properly managed for future generations
  • Pension funds, credit unions or companies needing
    to have a pool of funds managed according to an
    agreed investment strategy or to obtain exposure to
    asset classes with higher returns

Getting Started

  • Minimum investment for KSBM’s Portfolio Services is TT$ 100,000 or US$ 20,000
  • Call or email us for further information