KSBM And You

KSBM And You

In a world where each journey is an encounter with the unknown, you need a partner with the experience and insight to get you safely to your financial goals. KSBM can take you there.

KSBM Asset Management is a team of professionals with over 80 years of collective experience in the domestic, regional and international financial markets specialising in portfolio management involving stocks, bonds, mutual funds and alternative investments. Combining our knowledge of the financial markets and an in-depth understanding of our clients, we make decisions that are consistent with stated investment objectives.

At KSBM, method is an absolute prerequisite in all our undertakings; whether it is in the delivery of quality service to our clients, in the respect we show to our fellow men, in the attention to detail applied in our various analytical functions or in our Corporate Social Responsibility.

We combine the tools of modern investment management and industry best practice with the collective knowledge and experience of the KSBM team to create an array of investment opportunities for our clients. KSBM offers investment solutions to meet your needs, whether you are an individual or institutional investor.

For those seeking to invest cash on a short-term basis, our Repurchase Agreements can be the right investment vehicle for you. For longer-term investments our Portfolio Management Service offers active management of portfolios designed to meet the unique requirements of the client, whether individual, company, credit union, pension fund or mutual fund.

Should you be interested in specific asset classes, our Bond Trading and Global Equity Investing services can provide you with direct access to a wide array of markets and securities while allowing you the flexibility to make your own investment decisions or to utilize our portfolio management services.

Let us take the journey together…