Global Equity Investing

Global Equity Investing

Investing in global equities is a means of enhancing returns and diversifying risk. To invest directly in international stocks on exchanges such as the NASDAQ and the New York Stock Exchange, you need a brokerage account with an international brokerage house. KSBM can provide you with access to global equity markets by opening an account for you (individual or company) at our online brokerage partner, one of the largest brokerage houses in the United States.

Some features of global equity markets include:

- Low correlation with the local economy, debt markets and regional equity markets
- High liquidity providing ease of entry and exit
- Sound fundamentals and strong long-term growth prospects

KSBM offers Global Equity Investing via

A Separately Managed Equity Portfolio

This portfolio is tailored to the investor’s specific requirements. With a separately managed equity portfolio the client controls the flow of funds into and out of the account while KSBM makes the investment decisions. For persons interested in this option, we open a separate brokerage account in the name of the client with our online brokerage partner and invest for the client based on a strategy agreed to after consultation. The minimum amount to start is US$20,000

Benefits of Global Equity Investing through KSBM

  • You control the movement of funds out of the account
  • Competitive commission rates
  • Access to a wide array of investments with efficient trade execution by the #1 rated platform in the United States
  • Investment management services for those persons who desire exposure to this asset class but require assistance with investment decisions

Getting Started

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