Custodial Services

Custodial Services

KSBM’s Custodial Services offers direct access to fixed income investments such as notes and bonds to investors who have a medium to long term investment horizon, prefer stability of principal with regular income and are comfortable making investment decisions themselves. As a broker-dealer actively engaged in various fixed income markets, we afford individual or corporate investors access to local and global bond markets for outright purchase and sale of TTD or USD denominated notes and bonds. Many of the securities we purchase on behalf of clients are only available to institutional investors such as KSBM.

Our Custodial Services team identifies investment opportunities in notes and bonds that may be suitable for the investor given their objectives and risk profile and provides a range of options from which the investor can choose. We then execute client orders in a timely manner at competitive prices and hold these custodial assets on behalf of clients in a separate brokerage account. Receipts such as coupons and principal repayments are promptly remitted to clients based on instructions provided.


  • Access to securities that are only available to broker-dealers and institutional investors
  • Competitive pricing
  • Prompt and efficient execution of international trades
  • Use of top-tier international brokers
  • Advice from a team with a proven track record of investing in the global fixed income market
  • Timely remittance or reinvestment of portfolio cash flow
  • Regular reports on investment holdings


Do you have a minimum of TT$100,000 or US$20,000 and want to start or continue building your self-constructed investment portfolio?

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