Preparing a Personal Financial Plan

A personal financial plan captures an individual’s current financial situation, their financial goals, and a plan of action to achieve those goals. In this post we will discuss the reasons why you should prepare such a plan and provide guidance to assist you in completing one.

Understanding and Managing Investment Risk

Risk is an integral part of investing as all investments entail some element of risk and there is a close positive correlation between risk and return. In this post we put the focus on risk with an explanation of some of the risks you will encounter while investing and a discussion of ways to manage them.

Guide to Investing in Mutual Funds

This post covers the basics of how mutual funds work as well as the factors to consider when selecting mutual funds for your portfolio.

Guide to Investing in Bonds

Bonds is an asset class that not many investors are familiar with. In this post we explain how bonds work and discuss factors to consider when investing in bonds.

Guide to Investing in Stocks

In this post we cover the basics of investing in stocks by introducing you to equity investing and highlighting some of the things you should pay attention to as you delve into stocks.

Setting up Your Retirement Portfolio

This post explains the considerations and process involved in putting your retirement (or any) portfolio in place so it can earn returns that build upon the amount you have saved.

Funding Your Retirement

As you plan for your retirement you will want to ensure that you have the financial resources to adequately meet your needs during this phase of your life. Let us look at what you can do to make your retirement financially secure.