Bond Trading

Bond Trading

In a well-diversified portfolio, bonds are an important component, providing stability of principal and regular income. As an active broker/dealer, KSBM affords individuals and institutions access to global bond markets for outright Purchase and Sale of Bonds.

KSBM can facilitate the buying and selling of Eurobonds as well as local bonds (TTD and USD).

Should you wish to purchase Eurobonds but do not have a US brokerage account, KSBM can provide custodial services by holding this bond on your behalf. Your bonds will be held in a separate account and receipts (coupon and principal) will be remitted based on your instructions.


  • Execution and settlement of trades
  • Custodial functions – safekeeping of assets, collection and disbursement of income (coupon payments)

Benefits of Bond Trading through KSBM

  • Competitive pricing
  • Prompt and efficient execution of international trades
  • Use of top-tier international brokers
  • Team with a proven track record of investing in the global bond market

Getting Started

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