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Investment Management Services

Customized portfolios for individual, corporate and institutional investors with a medium to long term investment horizon


Direct access to fixed income investments, such as bonds and notes, for investors with a medium to long term investment horizon


Secured short term investments of up to one year with a guaranteed rate of return

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Typically, financial investments for a long-term horizon of three years or more focus on stocks, bonds and alternative assets. The KSBM offering that would be appropriate for you depends on your knowledge and experience of financial markets as well as your desire to retain control over your investments. If your preference is to place these funds in the care of an investment professional, then our Investment Management Services would be suitable for you. On the other hand, if you would like to retain control and feel comfortable doing so, we can still assist via our Custodial Services offering.

If you know you will require the funds sometime within the next three years, then you should only consider investments where your principal is protected so the funds are available when needed. In such situations, KSBM’s Repurchase Agreements would be your best option as these are secured and provide a guaranteed rate of return, usually for a term of 1 year.

If you are comfortable making investment decisions and would like to put together a fixed income portfolio (typically bonds), KSBM’s Custodial Services could be a good fit for you. This service is not offered for shares given investors can access the stock market themselves. Should you need help with building and managing a portfolio with shares, then you should consider our Investment Management Services.

Investment horizon refers to the length of time the investor expects to keep the investment portfolio in place. A retirement portfolio is intended to remain in place over the life of the investor so the length of the investment horizon would depend on current age and life expectancy. A recently retired person should work with an investment horizon of more than twenty years. You should consider KSBM’s Investment Management Services where we will customize an investment strategy for you to suit your circumstances.

There are numerous investment opportunities that would fall into the “high risk, high reward” category and KSBM can provide access to these through either Custodial Services or Investment Management Services.  If you are comfortable making your own security selections, you could utilize our Custodial Services.  If you are in a position to take on higher risk but do not possess the know-how, our Investment Management Services would be more suitable.

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